I was not aware that iron deficiency was anything but a huge abnormality before last year. But, it’s so common, especially with females. After learning this, and that symptoms of iron deficiency often mimic depression and/or anxiety, I figured I should let you guys know the basics.

Iron is an important metal involved in the creation of hemoglobin, which helps blood carry oxygen throughout the circulatory system. According to an article by Women’s Health Magazine, a lack of it can make you feel drowsy, dizzy, indifferent, breathless, and pale among other symptoms. Many of these parallel symptoms of depression – such as indifference and difficulty focusing. If you’re experiencing these symptoms, perhaps speak with the school counselor or your doctor – a blood test can easily determine whether you’re dealing with an iron related issue.

Source: Foa.org. Anemic means  a lack of hemoglobin, tied to iron deficiency. 

A lack of iron can be explained if you’re a frequent blood donor, infant or child, vegetarian, or a woman. Women, and frequent blood donors, lose large amounts of blood due to menstruation (and, of course, blood donations) which then leads to a drop in iron levels. Infants and children along with vegetarians tend to not eat foods rich in iron, such as meats. Another cause can be an inability or difficulty absorbing iron in the intestines. Solutions can range from a change in diet, to taking daily iron pills, to other medications.

Finding out and treating something as small as iron deficiency can make a huge difference in energy levels and ability to do work.

I was surprised to hear that many people I know, who have the resources available and ability to do so, don’t get frequent blood tests, which is a key way to discover otherwise overlooked issues that present symptoms in the blood. Most people don’t even realize that a blood test isn’t just one test, but a series of tests – some recommended by the doctor and others offered at the patient’s request. According to an article by Life Extension, blood tests can help save lives, especially for adults, as the test can catch illnesses early on. Even if you aren’t an adult yet, finding out and treating something as small as iron deficiency can make a huge difference in energy levels and ability to do work. Here is an article about some important tests from your blood and what they can help discover.

Finally, here is a pun to get your blood pumping as you gasp for air in between bouts of laughter.

Why are your pants so wrinkled? Must be because of iron deficiency.