Growing up in a superstitious and resourceful Sri Lankan family, I’ve heard numerous strange myths about aging, been given supposedly curing concoctions, and undergone strange sickness fighting methods. Although I don’t believe that I will start showing greys if I go to bed with wet hair, I have to admit there are some strange things my mom has told me to do which actually help. And I would like to share my knowledge with you.


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One day, way back when I was a tiny human, I spilled extremely-hot-and-basically-still-boiling-tea on my entire body. My mom, after screaming very loudly, picked me up and put me in the sink and poured cold water all over me. Then, she dragged me by my bright red arm to a bed where she covered me in salt and tomatoes. Believe me, that look you have right now on your face was exactly my expression then. She did this all within 10 minutes, told me to be quiet and to be patient, and then left the room. I remember feeling like a salad, laying there covered in pieces of tomato and juice, itching from the salt. But, I ended up walking away without any scars, blisters, or pain.

Why it works

If you google the words “burn” with either “salt” or “tomato”, there are some actual results. It’s not just crazy-talk! According to a website called Bien Etre, a chemical called lycopene helps to reduce the heat. The acids of the tomato also assist in taking away the pain and preventing blistering.

According to Home Remedies For Life, adding salt or a salt solution over a burn will help dry it out, reducing pain and helping the burning sensation to subside.


Tummy Aches and Nausea

My mom has recommended this to me countless times whenever I experience any tummy-related issues, specifically aches and nausea, and it is by far the strangest mixture of things I’ve tasted. There’s no specific recipe because eyeballing everything is the Sri Lankan way of cooking. So,

Source: fair use image from Flickr Creative Commons

you squeeze some of a lime or lemon into a little bowl, add in a lot of nutmeg, and then add some sugar as well. Now don’t down this like a shot of ice cold water after chewing on some mint gum. Instead, slowly lick it using a spoon or even your finger. It will, hopefully, help calm your tummy down just like it does mine. Another use of lime for pain, specifically menstrual cramps, is squeezing a tablespoon or so into your coffee, tea, or hot water.

Why it works

Again, google yields results! For nutmeg, a few articles point to nutmeg as being able to reduce nausea in small amounts. However, Complete Wellbeing warns against consuming large quantities as it affect the brain and body in many strange ways (from hallucinations to general body pains). Now, in terms of the lemons and limes, quite a few articles about the use of those citrus fruits in tummy ache cures exist however they all fail to state why it works.

I’m sure my mom has even more strange yet accurate remedies, and I’ll make sure to share them with you if they work. I doubted a lot of this stuff at first, but man does it work , so I suggest asking your parents or grandparents about their weird homemade cures – maybe you’ll find something super strange that works, too!