Just today, my friend asked me an extremely important question: “Why is there no avocado emoji?” I didn’t have an answer. There’s truly no excuse for this. Avocados can get made into face masks, somehow turned into a body butter, turned into guacamole, and eaten in at least 100000 different ways – so, why is there no emoji for it? If there is an eggplant emoji, a tomato emoji, and even a yam emoji, there must be an avocado. So, to spread avocado-awareness, I am going to share with all of you my favorite things to do with avocados (besides making guacamole, because that feels too obvious).

  1. Avocado face mask: If you’re using an unripened avocado (ripe = soft when squeezed, unripe = harder) then I suggest blending it in a food processor or actual blender – otherwise, just use a fork to mash it up. Then, add in some honey which has antibiotic properties and lemon juice which helps with hyperpigmentation. Mix this green goodness together than slather it across your cheeks, forehead, and basically everywhere else. Avocados have many moisturizing properties that will ease the stinging and tingling of the lemon juice.

    avocado ashlee took this
    Photo Credit: Ashlee Neese
  2. Mashed up avocado + sugar: This recipe may be a Sri Lankan thing because apparently not many people eat it. Are avocados not supposed to be a sweet thing? Because, they totally are! Basically, you take a super ripe avocado – because it just tastes better – and mash it up with some sugar of your choice. Fats and fiber in avocados will help keep you full in a way that tastes avocado-mazing. 

    Warning: Please do not bake avocados – it does not work, they get brown and the texture changes, and tastes kind of awful. 

  3. Avocados + fish + tomatoes + leaves: By leaves I mean spinach or kale – basically anything that looks like foliage but tastes good will work. For the fish I recommend tilapia coated in literally all the spices of India, but this can be substituted by chicken, tofu, or completely removed. For the tomatoes, I suggest covering a pan in some olive oil (another food almost as amazing as coconut oil), placing slices of tomatoes on top, covering them in lemon juice and basil, and baking them for about 10 minutes. I hope you weren’t expecting a fancy avocado cooking method, but you should really just cut them up, add some chili powder and lemon juice on top, and eat away.  In terms of recipes, avocados basically taste good on top of anything so go experiment!

Avocados have so many great health benefits: they help your vision, keep you full because of their high fiber and fat content, and they have almost zero grams of sugar. And, they taste ah-may-zing. So, what’s not to lovocado?!