OK FAM, this specific post was requested by someone who wanted some natural skincare tips. So, skincare is hard. I mean, not only does good skincare usually cost way too much, but most of the time we’re just piling chemicals on our faces and hoping for the best.

So, here is a full on multi-step night time skincare routine all with natural products.

Makeup removal

patrick starr makeup
This is YouTuber Patrick Starr and he’s totally amazing so here’s a screenshot of him using an oil based product to take off his makeup. (Source: “How I take off my makeup” by PatrickStarr)

Ingredients: Coconut oil or olive oil – or mix them together

How: Rub this on your eyes, face, all over to break up the makeup. Then wipe it all off with a washcloth.

Face Mask

Ingredients: Honey, little bit of coconut or olive oil, and any other ingredient you want (avocado, egg whites, aloe vera, lavender oil, lemon juice, anything else natural).

How: Coat your face in this mixture and let it dry – just chill for 15-45 minutes.


Ingredients: Small amount of baking soda, lemon juice, salt or sugar, and a little water.

How: Put this on your face and rub in circular motions. The lemon juice will help to brighten, the juice, baking soda, and salt/sugar will help exfoliate, and the water will make it the right texture. Then wash it off with warm water.


Ingredients: Lemon juice, water

How: A toner is basically just another step in your skincare routine to prep your face for moisturizer. Dab a cotton ball in some lemon juice mixed with water (only use a small amount of lemon juice). Rub this all over your face. The lemon juice will tighten and brighten your skin and encourage exfoliation.


Source: Flickr Creative Commons

Ingredients: Olive oil and COCONUT OIL

How: In small amounts, rub olive oil into your skin. I know some people are freaked out by putting oil on your face but it won’t hurt you, it won’t clog your pores, it will make your skin happy. If you’re really worried then do a test patch for one night. Then use the coconut oil on your lashes and lips! (You could also use the coconut oil on your face.)


Ingredients: any sort of essential oil you like (jojoba, avocado, grapeseed, etc)

How: Dilute this oil with some coconut oil or water and pat it onto your face. This will make your face more moisturized so if you have oily skin then this might be something to skip.

Spot Treatment

Ingredients: witch hazel (for acne), lemon juice (brightening), aloe vera (open acne)

How: Dab this onto any troubled areas based on what it treats and keep it on overnight.

Alright, good luck. Hope this helps you guys out! giphy (2).gif