It’s been a long day, the underwire has been digging into your side for hours, and finally you are home. After shoes and a coat, the first thing to come off is your bra. Ahh, much better.

This is the reality for most who wear bras, but not for all. For some, bras can be incredibly comfortable and helpful. So the question becomes: if you find yourself more comfortable in bras, can you sleep in one?

Rumors have spread that sleeping in bras have myriad negative side effects including breast cancer, stunted growth, and discomfort. According to research and several studies, sleeping in a bra causes no harm.

“There’s just no evidence that any type of bra, or a tight-fitting bra, is harmful in any way,” according to Holly Pederson, M.D., director of medical breast services at the Cleveland Clinic.

Additionally, a 2014 case study done at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle found that no aspect of bra-wearing (including cup size, frequency of wear, the underwire, or the age you started wearing one) had any link to breast cancer.

This evidence should be enough to convince you to do what is most comfortable for YOU. If wearing a bra at night feels the best, do that. If taking off that darn bra at the end of the day is your cup of tea, that’s okay too.


Thanks for reading, friends!