It’s springtime, and for high school students like myself, the year’s end can’t come fast enough. Personally, I only have about two weeks left and I can’t wait to be done with school work and enjoy summer with fewer responsibilities.  Unfortunately, I can’t give up just yet and need to stay motivated. But this is difficult, tiring, and daunting. So here are some tips to stay motivated through the end-of-school-year fatigue:

  1. Don’t study hungry. Grab some popcorn or fruit to keep you going.
  2. Find a new study space. Switch it up from your normal spot.
  3. Take a shower or wash your face.
  4. Crack a window or study outside. Get some fresh air and sunlight.
  5. Limit distractions, only allowing yourself to watch Netflix once your work is done.
  6. Turn your phone off or leave it in another room.
  7. Keep a bottle of water near you and drink it frequently.
  8. Exercise once in a while. Either as a study break or a study motivator.
  9. Make a list of things you need to do, and when you need to have those things done.
  10. Clean your room or your study space.
  11. Take frequent but short study breaks. Try timing them if you get easily distracted.
  12. Set a schedule and stick to it. You’ll feel productive and organized.
  13. Try color-coding or using post-it notes to study. This can be more fun and colorful.
  14. If all else fails, try watching Shia LeBeouf’s “Just Do It” motivational video.

Stay motivated and thanks for reading friends!