A lacrosse ball (or a tennis ball, or something similar) isn’t just for playing sports with. You don’t have to be a lax bro to take advantage of what a lacrosse ball can do. Ever come home from a long day and have tired feet? Lacrosse ball. Knots in your shoulders? Lacrosse ball. Sore after a workout? Lacrosse ball. Fun distraction? Lacrosse ball.

It’s the answer to all of your questions. That’s an exaggeration, but really, it can do a lot. Here’s how to successfully use a lacrosse ball without a lacrosse stick or any knowledge of the sport.

  • Tired feet: Place the lacrosse ball on the ground about a foot and a half from a wall. Place one foot on the ball while the other is on the floor and the wall is used for support. Put as much pressure as your want on your foot and roll the ball on the bottom of your foot. Repeat on the other foot.
  • Knotty shoulders: Stand against a wall with your back pressed against it. Place the lacrosse ball between your back/shoulders and the wall. Roll the ball against your shoulders and the wall. Try focusing on the space in between your shoulder blades while avoiding the spine. Also try moving the ball up to the neck and down to the lower back.
  • Post-workout soreness: Just like the ball can be used on feet or shoulders, it can also be used on legs, arms, glutes, etc. Place the ball on the floor and roll the desired area on the ball. It is the same motion as if you were against the wall, just sitting or laying on the floor. Do on any sore muscle area.
  • Fun: Bounce against a wall, the floor, or any other surface. Throw into the air, to a dog, to a friend, etc. Lacrosse balls have hundreds of creative uses, so think outside the box and get yourself a lacrosse ball!

Thanks for reading, friends!